New Garage Door Installation in Wise County, TX.

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​It is always a good feeling to take a look at your home and recognize the beauty of it.  Choosing a new garage door isn’t just about getting your car in and out, it’s a remodeling of your home.  Contact Wise County Garage & Overhead Doors to help you with your new garage door installation.


When you think of garage doors, we often disregard its design. As of now, there are a lot of garage door types that you can choose from in the market. Paneled and windowed garage door are now available for installation to give your house a new look.

Color and Decoration

You can have your garage doors in any color you want. However, the most durable ones come from the industrially treated colors from the manufacturer. We, at Wise County Garage Door and Gate, can discuss to you the range of available colors that you can choose from. We can also show you different kinds of decorative effects like handles and hinges if you want a much simpler version of your garage door.


There’s a reason why steel continues to be the most popular choice for garage doors.  It’s tough, it’s weather-resistant, it doesn’t oxidize easily, it’s nearly maintenance free, and it comes in a wide variety of styles.  However, steel is not the only option. In order to fit the style of your home, or to stand out from the neighbors you may want to look at a range of options including traditional wood.  Wise County Garage Door and Gate can suggest different options for you so that you can decide what is really the best choice.


If your garage is set apart from your house then that’s not a problem, but if it’s integrated with your living area then it is wise to consider it when choosing the insulating qualities of your doors.  Wise County Garage Door and Gate can offer you a range of doors with different thermal insulation. Typically, a wooden door will have more insulation than that of a simple steel door but modern garage doors nowadays come with different options of insulating layers to increase their heat keeping properties.  Contact us today and have our expert technicians help you assess the insulation requirement of your garage doors. 

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