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Proper automatic driveway gate maintenance is really significant. If you disregard proper maintenance you will miss out on the benefits you get from the convenience and security of your automatic driveway gate. Proper maintenance is essential when you want to keep your driveway gate functioning very well.  When your gate isn’t operating properly, it would be an inconvenience for you. Whenever you are having issues with your driveway gates, call us at Wise County Garage & Overhead Doors.  We can take care of your driveway gate concerns.

Here are the top 3 things you can do to keep your driveway gate in good working condition:

  1. Electrical Components

Maintaining the electrical components, such as the automatic driveway gate opener and telephone entry system are very important. A simple visual inspection of electrical components from time to time will lessen a large possibility of failures. Since the circuit board that controls the automatic driveway gate sits outside and is exposed to the elements, you will need to keep an eye out for several things such as corrosion, insect legs and wings, wasp nests, and spider webs because these can all contribute to electrical components getting broken.

  1. Keep Everything Well Lubricated

Simple maintenance like lubrication is essential to your driveway gate regardless of what type you have. The high-end automatic driveway gates are all sealed so there shouldn’t be a lot of issues. If your components aren’t sealed, you’ll need to grease the wheels, hinges, chains etc. to make sure that everything continues to function smoothly.

Automatic driveway gate maintenance comes down to your compliance in following the manufacturer’s recommendations. Contact us now and we will give you maintenance service for your automatic driveway gate to keep it functioning properly.

  1. Professional Assessment

Our expert technicians at Wise County Garage & Overhead Doors will help you whenever you need repairs or maintenance service for your driveway gates. We always make sure that you get the best quality of service always.

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